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The Mission

The Mission

Our oceans are in serious trouble. Sharks are being killed by the millions each year, reefs are disappearing and overfishing is depleting life in our seas.

What happens to our oceans, impacts everyone on the planet.

While our oceans face difficulties, severely wounded american veterans now face lifelong challenges after coming home from combat.

A staggering number of these heroes will take their own lives. All face lives that are hard for many of us to even imagine.

Now there is new hope for the ocean and for veterans - it's called Operation: Blue Pride.

Operation: Blue Pride brings together three veterans, severely wounded in combat, on an inspirational mission to help save our oceans and in time - save us all.

The beginning

Four ocean conservationists: Jim Abernethy, Sue Chen, George Schellenger and Shawn Heinrichs saw the opportunity and started the operation. Soon they were joined by three hand-selected veterans Sgt. Chris Maddeford, Captain Marlene Krpata and Sgt. Stephen Jackel.

the adventure

Thanks to generious support from NOVA Medical Equipment, founded by Sue Chen, Operation: Blue Pride took these three heroes to Tiger Beach in the Bahamas in October, 2012.

It was an emotional week filled with tears, laughter and joy.

The week was also filed with majestic Tiger Sharks - including the resident celebrity shark: Emma.

Sir Richard Branson even joined the team for the day.

Now the quest is to make a documentary about the adventure so the world can be inspired as well to help the oceans and veterans.

what's next?

This spring the Operation: Blue Pride team will seek funds to produce a documentary focused on the October 2012 adventure.The plan is to create a 60 minute documentary and take it around the world to inspire people and veterans everywhere.

Your funding will allow us to complete post-production, distribute the film worldwide, and save our military heroes and amazing ocean animals.

Long term funding will help us launch the next Operation: Blue Pride and turn more of our military heroes into ocean heroes.

What is the long term goal?

The team feels strongly that the sparks from this film will help several wounded veterans around the world - help the ocean - and inspire more people to make a difference when it comes to the sea.

Media coverage

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